Master Detective July 2021

Master Detective July 2021


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Fred West and his wife Rose, the serial killer couple of Gloucester’s “House of Horror” infamy, continue to fascinate and intrigue us. Twenty-six years after Fred West hanged himself while on remand, and as his widow continues her whole-life prison term, focus is once again on the depraved pair, following a renewed search for the remains of 15-year-old Mary Bastholm. See “Now How Many Victims For The World’s Most Evil Couple?” in this issue for the full story.

Social media is hard to avoid, and for New York State teenager Bianca Devins it offered escapism from real life. No one could have imagined, however, the horror story that unfolded when her two worlds collided. Read “The Short Life And Viral Death Of Internet ‘Star’ Bianca” for the facts.

Highlights this issue include:

* Now How Many Victims For The World’s Most Evil Couple?

* Scotland’s Classic Cases: Murder In The Lighthouse

* European Crime Report: “Pervert Raped And Killed Teenager In Church,” “Denmark Gets Its Fifth Serial Killer,” “Gravedigger Charged With Child Killing,” “Key Witness In Case Was Suffocated”

* Women On The Gallows: Why Louise Killed Little Manfred

* A Golden Age…For Murder: After Sawing Through Cousin Lucy’s Throat…He Sat Down To Await The Police

* The Short Life And Viral Death Of Internet “Star” Bianca

* MD Forum: Knightsbridge’s Elvira Enigma

* The Man Who Begged To Be Murdered

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