Greater London Murders

Greater London Murders


33 True stories of Revenge, Jealousy, Greed & Lust

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This compendium brings together thirty-three murderous tales — one from each of the capital’s boroughs — that not only shocked the City but made headline news across the country.

Throughout its history the great urban sprawl of Greater London has been home to some of the most shocking murders in England, many of which have made legal history. Contained within the pages of this book are the stories behind these heinous crimes. They include George Chapman, who was hanged in 1903 for poisoning three women, and whom is widely suspected of having been the notorious serial killer Jack the Ripper; lovers Edith Thompson and Frederick Bywaters, executed for stabbing to death Thompson’s husband Percy in 1922; and Donald Hume, who was found not guilty of the murder of wealthy businessman Stanley Setty in 1949, but later confessed to killing him, chopping up his body and disposing of it by aeroplane. Linda Stratmann also reveals previously unpublished information that sheds a whole new light on the infamous Craig and Bentley case.

This carefully researched, well-illustrated and enthralling text will appeal to those interested in the history of Greater London’s history and true-crime fans alike.


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