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The man who hunted Jack The Ripper

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The man Frederick George Abberline has become synonymous with that of Jack The Ripper, and he has been portrayed as everything from an alcoholic, a drug addict and a womaniser to a bully. In reality, Abberline was none of these but instead was a devoted husband and a dedicated policeman in a time of rampant corruption. Furthermore, the Whitechapel murders were not the only notorious cases he worked on.

From his humble origins as a clockmaker through to his rising through the ranks of the Metropolitan Police, Abberline tells the story of a man who led some of the most infamous investigations in criminal history. Long before the Ripper, Abberlien infiltrated an Irish terrorist group known as the Fenians, and then became embroiled in the Cleveland Street Scandal – an incident that almost brought the government to its knees.

When he retired from the police at the age of 49, Abberline had received eighty-four commendations and awards – a testament to his tenacity and ability.

‘Three prostitutes mutilated and murdered, all within a very short distance of each other, and all within a period of less than six months. As intriguing as this might have sounded to Inspector Abberline at that time, nothing could have prepared him for the horrors he was to face in the months that followed.


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