Ellen Mather’s love life was full of problems. She split with her lover William Cooper, 42, after a row, and as a result Cooper joined the army and was posted overseas. He came back just two days after Ellen, 39, had married another man.

Ellen’s marriage was soon over and she went to work as a barmaid at the Albert Inn in Derby Street, Manchester. There Cooper caught up with her again. They renewed their friendship, but Ellen didn’t want another serious relationship.

On St. Patrick’s night, March 17th, 1879, she was asked if she would like to do an extra shift serving drinks at a local dance hall. After finishing at the pub she set out for the two-mile walk to the dance hall and was waylaid by Cooper. They began to argue, and then he cut her throat.

He was sentenced to death the following month and hanged on Tuesday, May 20th, 1879, at Strangeways.