“All the evidence reveals that this was a local killing and a local vendetta,” John Stalker wrote in the Sunday People in July, 1999. “It was a clever and dastardly ambush carried out with local knowledge.”

The victim, Paul Logan, 27, a take-away deliveryman, was lured to his death by a false phone call asking for a Chinese food delivery to a remote farmhouse on Thursday, December 23rd, 1993 – the same night Johanna Young died. Realising he had been hoodwinked, Paul had started on the journey back when he was savagely attacked by several men who left him with a crushed skull, bloodied and dying.

The phone call was traced to a phone box in his home village of Shotley Bridge, County Durham. A man was seen in the phone box while another man sat in a red Ford Fiesta XR2.

Paul Logan was something of a Jack-the-lad who appeared to have made a few enemies in the village. Even after killing him his enemies risked arrest by desecrating his grave.

They may have objected to the tombstone inscription: “Murdered by Cowards.” But that seems an apt description for these evil men of Shotley Bridge – or “the village of the damned,” as John Stalker called it.