Finborough Road in Fulham, London, has had its share of murder. Here, at No. 13a, Ronald True murdered prostitute Gertrude Yates in 1922. Twenty-six years later, on May 5th, 1948, George Epton, 41, murdered another prostitute just two doors away, at No. 17.

Epton, an engineer, was walking in Piccadilly when Winifred Mulholland, 26, flashed a smile at him. He invited her home to Finborough Road for supper, and while he was preparing the meal she lifted £9 from his coat pocket.

He soon missed the money, and he was furious. “She had seemed charming and very nice until then,” he said later. He hit her, knocking her unconscious.

“She seemed to be dead,” he said at his trial. “I pulled the blanket completely over her. I slept in my bed for two nights and she was still beside me. On the third night I pulled her on to the balcony and threw her over.”

Epton was sentenced to death, but on JULY 20th he was reprieved and sent to prison for life. He was released after serving 10 and a half years.