Ten-year-old Vera Page lived with her parents in Notting Hill Gate, west London. After school on DECEMBER 14th, 1931, she visited an aunt living nearby, leaving at 4.45 p.m. to return home. When she failed to arrive for her tea she was reported missing and a search was launched for her.

The police learned that instead of heading straight home from her aunt’s, Vera had made for a nearby chemist’s shop where at 6.30 p.m. she had been seen looking at some soap dominoes in the window. Fifteen minutes later she was seen walking down Montpelier Street, about a quarter of a mile from her home in Blenheim Crescent.

Two days after her disappearance her body was found in the front garden of a house in Addison Road, three-quarters of a mile from her home. The discovery was made by a milkman making his morning delivery, and the dry state of Vera’s corpse indicated that it had been dumped in the garden shortly before it was found, for there had been rain overnight.

Vera had been raped and strangled, and the police surgeon who examined her estimated that she had been dead for two days. Her killer was never found.