Nothing seems easier prey to some murderers than a sweetshop. In 1956 the one in Church Street, Ormskirk, was run by two unmarried sisters, Margaret and Mary Ormesher, aged 69 and 66. On Saturday evening, May 5th, they took the whole week’s takings of £150 back to their home in Asmail Lane.

Someone knew about the cash, someone who was watching them. Next morning, Sunday, they were found battered to death at the back door of their home. Curiously, only one of their two cash bags had been stolen – the one that remained contained £50 in silver.

Police assumed that the killer knocked at the back door and didn’t go into the house, because if he had done so he would have found several hundred pounds more in silver, piled up in boxes. Despite a massive fingerprint exercise in Ormskirk, he was never caught.