“The only way I’ll ever come back to you is in a box,” Marie Bradshaw told her husband George, just before she ran off with her lover, Milton Taylor, a neighbour of theirs in Alfred Street, Bury. Those words were to prove prophetic.

Marie and her lover went to Nantwich, Cheshire, and spent that first night, JUNE 3rd, 1954, sleeping in a small hut.

Milton Taylor was later to tell the police that when they bedded down in the hut Marie wouldn’t let him get to sleep. So he took off his tie and strangled her with it.

At his trial it was suggested that he was a moron with no conception of the difference between right and wrong. That seemed possible, since Taylor told the court that he felt much more satisfied with himself after he strangled Marie, and he thought anyone should strangle anyone else if they felt like it.

He was nevertheless found guilty of murder and hanged at Liverpool on Tuesday, June 22nd.