Yorkshire police received so little positive help during their investigation into the murder of Mrs. Linda Cook that they were convinced that someone was concealing the killer.

Linda, a vivacious 22-year-old redhead separated from her husband, was the receptionist at the doctor’s surgery at Marske, near Redcar, and was known by almost everyone in the district. She lived alone in the flat she had just moved into and on September 22nd, 1963, she took great pains to get dressed up for an evening out.

Her body was found at 7 a.m. next day, Sunday, September 22nd, at a roadside only yards from her flat. She had been strangled elsewhere and there was no sign of sexual assault.

What puzzled police was why no one they interviewed could account for anything Linda had done that night. How was it, they asked, that someone so well known could have avoided being seen by someone who knew her? And with whom did she spend the evening after dressing up so carefully?