Nigel Robinson’s troubles began in 1979 when at 17 he had an affair with a 32-year-old divorcee and mother of three. When they had a row he was too immature to cope with it, and in his passion he killed his mistress and was jailed for life.

On his release 10 years later he fell in love with Sharon Morley, 25, who worked for the Wakefield, West Yorkshire, carpet firm where he was employed. They decided to set up home together, but there was a problem. Robinson wanted to return to his roots in Billingham, which meant that Sharon would have to leave hers in Wakefield.

She put her misgivings aside and moved with him, but it didn’t work out. She hated Billingham and pined for Wakefield, and there were frequent rows as she nagged Robinson to return there. Then on SEPTEMBER 16th, 1989, he discovered a photo of her former boyfriend, and in the row that followed he beat Sharon about the head and stabbed her to death. He had been free for just seven months.

Arrested after he attempted suicide and confessed, he was again given a life sentence. This time, the judge told him, “The sentence means what it says: life imprisonment.”