India’s Revolutionary Party branch in the Bengal region, dedicated to liberating India from British rule, was so impressed with the zeal of its new recruit, 18-year-old Khudiram Bose, that he was given a special mission – to assassinate the local chief police magistrate, Mr. Kingsford.

On April 30th, 1908, in the best tradition of assassins in the early 20th century, Bose and an accomplice used a bomb, hurling it into a car in Muzaffarpur. Unfortunately, it was the wrong car and no one was in it anyway. But two English women, a Mrs. Kennedy and her daughter, who were passing by, were killed in the explosion.

Bose was arrested the next morning at a railway station, sentenced to death on June 13th, and hanged on Tuesday, August 11th at Muzaffarpur Prison, the first revolutionary in the Bengal region to be executed for his cause. His accomplice committed suicide.