Friends called him George because they couldn’t pronounce his name. “George” had come to Wales from Poland during the war, and got himself a job as a miner. He was undistinguished, a bit of a loner and had no women friends. On Monday, April 19th, 1948, he went for a walk in Aberdare Park, South Wales, and came face to face with his murderer.

The man used a commando-style knife and commando-style strikes to stab “George” 44 times, then robbed him of his wallet and watch and pushed his body under some bushes, where it was found by three boys.

Injuries to the dead man’s hands and arms revealed that he must have put up a desperate fight to ward off the frenzy of knife blows, all inflicted above his waist.

“George” appeared to have no enemies, but police were certain that he met his killer in the park by appointment. If that man is still alive, he would probably be in his late seventies today.