According to a senior detective, the killer of Janice Weston, 36, a London solicitor, lost his temper and also went berserk. Janice left her office in Lincoln’s Inn on September 10th, 1983, and went home to Holland Park, West London. She was alone for the weekend because her husband was abroad on business.

Shortly after changing out of her work clothes she drove off in her silver Alfa Romeo, leaving behind a half-eaten meal and the handbag she usually took with her. Hours later, early on Sunday, September 11th, her body was found by a cyclist in a lay-by ditch on the A1 near Huntingdon. She had been beaten about the head with a car jack.

Her bloodstained Alfa was found four days later in Camden Town, London, a few miles from her flat.

A report on the case was sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions but no charges were brought.