The Newquay beach killer wore a short-sleeve green shirt – that much was certain. He was also in his mid-20s, with a round face, fair complexion and dark hair greased and brushed back.

It happened during a glorious holiday weekend at the Cornish seaside resort. The killer struck down Horace Hand, who had just retired from his job as a milkman in Oldham, as the old pensioner went to spend a penny in the public toilet during mid-morning on Friday, July 11th, 1958. He was seen bending over his victim lying on the floor, but fled as three men entered. The trio gave chase, but lost their quarry.

Horace Hand was killed with a large beach stone wrapped in a newspaper and beaten as he lay on the floor.

The problem for the police was that the town was crowded with summer visitors for the sunshine weekend and within 36 hours all would be going home. Nevertheless, officers made over 4,000 calls before the Sunday evening exodus began, all to no avail.

Detective Superintendent Sidney Roberts summed it up: “It was an impossible task. There were green-shirted holidaymakers by the score in Newquay, but every one of them had a satisfactory alibi. I’m convinced that the motive was theft.”