At 56 Ada Taylor hadn’t had much luck in love. Her husband walked out on her in 1910, leaving her with daughter Jessie to bring up. Fourteen years later she met John Fisher, who moved in with her at 27 Wright Street, Small Heath, Birmingham.

Fisher had been out of work for three years and didn’t seem keen to change that situation. He borrowed money regularly from Ada and Jessie, and seldom if ever repaid them.

On Sunday, OCTOBER 25th, 1925, there was another row over money, after Fisher pawned a tablecloth which belonged to Ada. He brooded as he sharpened all the knives, his regular Sunday chore, then decided to keep one back.

That was the knife with which, before the day was out, he murdered Ada. He told the police that he’d wanted to kill Jessie first, but she suddenly went out. Thwarted, he went upstairs to the bedroom where Ada was having an afternoon nap and cut her throat.

He was hanged at Birmingham Prison on January 5th, 1926.