Two Sikh assassins waited for two years to wreak their revenge on General Arun Vaidya, 60, India’s most decorated soldier, who ordered the attack on the holy Sikh shrine, the Golden Temple at Amritsar, on June 6th, 1984.

During the attack on the shrine, 250 Sikhs and 50 Indian soldiers were killed.

General Vaidya retired from his army career on August 10th, 1986 – and that was the day that the Sikh assassins, Harjinder Jinda Singh and Sukhdev Sukha Singh, chose to shoot him dead in Pune. Both were immediately arrested. After all the appeal procedures were exhausted, they were hanged together at Pune Prison on Friday, October 9th, 1992.

General Vaidya started his career in the British Army in Burma in 1945. His murder was claimed by the Khalistan Commando Force, which wants an independent Sikh state.