She was “Miss Untouchable” to the workers at Parkgate Ironworks in Rawmarsh, Yorkshire. Although she was single and very beautiful, office girl Elizabeth Sherratt always turned down offers of a date. If they had known the real reason, though, they would have been shocked. For Elizabeth was having an affair with married crane-driver Alfred Bostock.

In early 1925 she left the ironworks and got a job as an usherette at the Parkgate Electra Picture Palace in Rawmarsh. At about the same time she told Bostock something he did not want to hear. She was pregnant.

On MAY 2nd the glum crane-driver confided to a workmate that he was having “a bit of bother” with a woman. He added, “If I don’t do her in before the weekend, my name isn’t Bostock.”

Next day Elizabeth’s body was found floating in the river at Rawmarsh. Her head was savagely beaten in, and it was clear that she had fought hard for her life.

Bostock’s fate was sealed when witnesses said they saw Elizabeth with him just before she died. But he maintained his innocence to the end, declaring, “If the dead girl’s lips could speak, they would tell you the same.” He was hanged on September 3rd, 1925.