Two gamekeepers shot dead on wild Yorkshire moorland were probably killed by a poacher. But the double-killing was swathed in mystery because both men were shot in the back of the head, and their bodies were more than a mile apart.

Bob Kenyon was walking the moors on Wednesday, September 9th, 1903, with his father when he saw a man in the distance and went in pursuit. He never returned. When a search party set out to find him next day they found Bill Uttley first, lying on his right side with a gunshot wound behind his ear. Kenyon’s body was found later.

Henry Buckley, of Moorside, was charged with the double murder. He admitted being on the moors at the time but said he had only shot a grouse and never saw either gamekeeper. After a week-long hearing at Huddersfield magistrates’ court he was cleared for lack of evidence. One theory was that Uttley had caused his own death, but that too was far from proved.