An icy winter was beginning to wrap itself around Edinburgh when Ann Ballantyne, 21, left her mother’s flat in Warriston Road to return to her own apartment. That was in November, 1986.

Ann was a free soul. She had been engaged, but broke off the arrangement amicably. She liked music, heavy metal and clubbing. She had a good relationship with her family. She was a pretty girl, unemployed but confident of finding a job soon.

When she didn’t turn up at her parents’ home for Christmas her mother was alarmed. Ann would never miss Christmas. Next day her mother went to the police. Ann was officially posted as missing and a massive search began.

But it wasn’t until January 21st, 1987, that her body, wrapped in a cloth bundle, was found in a canal near her flat. It had been in the water for only a few days – so where did her killer hide the body for perhaps nearly two months before dumping it in the canal?

Ann died of “asphyxia and vagal inhibition” (her heart stopped beating) and a “ligature around the neck.” Hopeful that her murderer may still be found and that too much information may prejudice a trial, the police won’t comment in detail. They need to find a witness who remembers seeing someone carrying a large parcel in a cloth wrapping, moving towards the canal under Walker Bridge.