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Do we ever really know anyone? Karen Fox thought she knew her husband, Michael. He was an attentive lover and a doting father to their two children. But when she found out that Michael had a secret life, she left him. If he was capable of hiding so much from her, what else was he capable of? The answer to that question ended the life she knew, but did not destroy Karen…

This issue is full of enduring mysteries – not least the disappearance of five children in Australia. In each case the children had been seen with a “man” whose description was similar. In one case, the parents received letters purporting to be from their eldest daughter who claimed she and her brother and sister were alive and well fed by “the man” who had taken them two years earlier. Five years later, two more children disappeared. What happened to these children, and were they taken by the same man?

Look at our new series ‘Murder On The High Seas’. A seaman aboard an oil tanker heading for Puerto Rico was gazing at the Atlantic.
Suddenly he saw something bobbing up and down in the swells. He looked again, whistled, then yelled to the bridge: “There’s a man out there in a dingy! He’s waving to us!”
The mate swung his binoculars in the direction indicated. He gave crisp orders. Soon the heavy tanker was slowing and drawing close to the man adrift.
“Who are you?” they yelled at him.
The man shouted back, “Help! I have a dead baby with me!”
But that was by no means the end of the story. Because there was another raft out there, with an 11-year-old girl on it, and she had a very different tale to tell about what had happened aboard the Bluebelle, the ketch her father had chartered for a family holiday of a lifetime…

Please note – Many of the cases in the American issue of True Detective have already been published in True Detective, True Crime, Master Detective & Murder Most Foul.

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