USA True Detective Vol. 2 No. 3

USA True Detective Vol. 2 No. 3


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This issue explores two of the most baffling cases in the annals of American crime. The incredible story of Sharon Marshall is in itself an enigma.

Although she was only 20 when she was murdered, and had been a brilliant high school student, a nude dancer and prostitute, Sharon was not her real name, and nobody ever knew who she really was. She was kidnapped at the age of four by a violent paedophile and brought up as his daughter. He then forced her to marry him before he killed her and her child.
In her short life she frequently managed to blot out from her mind the career of vice forced upon her by her stepfather, and appeared perfectly normal.
It was this extraordinary double persona more than any other aspect of her amazing career that baffled FBI agents investigating her short life.
One of the few people who knew something about Sharon Marshall is Jennifer Fisher who is alive to tell the tale. And so too does investigative journalist and author Matt Birbeck who has collected all the evidence in his latest book ‘A Beautiful Child’.
Without them the gaps in Sharon’s life would be like yawning chasms. Even today, after years of investigation, the search for her real identity goes on.

The phone call was an order for the delivery of two small sausage and pepperoni pizzas. Deliveryman Brian wells left the Mama Mia Pizzeria in the Pennsylvania city of Erie soon afterwards, putting the food in his green Chevrolet and setting out for the address the caller had given – 8632 Peach Street.
It should of been a five-minute drive. No one knows precisely what happened next, who was involved and even whether Wells himself had any inkling of what was about to transpire. But the call to the pizzeria that August afteroon in 2003 set in motion a bizarre series of events that would lead to Wells’s death in the most horrifying of circumstances and leave an unsettling and frightening mystery lingering over this small lakeside city.

As unsolved crimes go this has to be one of the most extraordinary. Even the FBI 24 months on are still baffled over the series of events. The case could also add a new name to the annals of unsolved crimes – the Collar Bomber, or as the locals call him, the Pizza Bomber.

Please note – Many of the cases in the American issue of True Detective have already been published in True Detective, True Crime, Master Detective & Murder Most Foul.

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