USA True Detective Vol. 2 No.19

USA True Detective Vol. 2 No.19


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What happened to the dazzling duo whose repartee often dazzled their friends? J.J. Paulsen and his wife Leanne went from holding centre stage to living reclusive lives in Carmel. They closed the doors on their friends and became locked in a bitter battle which culminated in death, while their four-month-old son was left alone, crying in his crib. Read the tragic tale of a comedy writer’s fall from grace.

The two Australian cases in this issue are full of mystery. Beautiful model Caroline Byrne was found at the bottom of a cliff at Watson’s Bay, Sydney. Although it is a notorious suicide spot, Caroline’s father was adamant that his daughter would never have killed herself – but it took him 13 years to prove it.

The Little Yabba Creek Mystery poses many questions. Two women went missing from the same spot within a year of each other and their bodies have never been found – but does one man know where they are?

We have two new series in this issue – Al Capone On The Spot and America’s Most Evil, which starts with Ed Gein, whose predilection for turning bodies into lampshades gave Robert Bloch the inspiration to write Psycho, which Alfred Hitchcock turned into one of the most chilling movies ever made.

Ace British crime writer John Sanders also takes on another American crime legend in his article Who Was The Real Boston Strangler? This has to be the definitive report on a mystery which has perplexed people around the world for the last 47 years.

TD’s Crime Photos
Hollywood TV Comedy Writer Turns Psycho
Your Letters More Of Your Views
Why Caroline Was Thrown Like A Spear To Her Death
America’s Most Evil Part 1: Ed Gein’s House Full Of Bodies
The Man Who Was Evicted From Prison
The Little Yabba Creek Mystery
Under The Spotlight: Positively Identified: The Guns Used In The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre
Part One: Al Capone On The Spot
Ask True Detective The Strange Death Of Julia Wilkins
Who Was The Real Boston Strangler?
The Poison Letter That Sent Ethel To The Gallows

Please note that if you are a regular reader of our UK magazines then you might of read the above stories which were printed in our UK editions of True Detective, True Crime, Master Detective and Murder Most Foul

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