USA True Detective Vol. 2 No.16

USA True Detective Vol. 2 No.16


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These murder cases are taken from the pages of
True Detective, True Crime, Master Detective and
Murder Most Foul

There breakdown of the family in western society means that children suffer both economically and emotionally, but the consequences of couples splitting up can also be fatal. In Australia in the 10 years between 1989 and 1999 there were 270 child homicide cases in which 316 children under 15 lost their lives. Failed relationships and disputes about access and custody were the most common causes. Horror On Father’s Day on page 8 is a tragic example of this frightening trend which took place in Melbourne in 2005.

The case of Susan Smith is another example of the vulnerability of childhood. She decided to get rid of her children because her boyfriend didn’t want to be their replacement father and told her so in a letter he wrote to her ending their relationship.

Another child, who grew up to be one of America’s most infamous serial killers, blamed his penchant for killing and beheading young women on his mother, who suffered the same fate. “I came out of my mother,” he said. “And in a rage, I went back in. I cut off her head and I humiliated her corpse and said, there, you know, six young women died because of the way she raises her son…”

This issue is packed with crime cases which give pause for thought. Why do people kill? Perhaps there are as many answers as there are murder cases. Each one is unique but they share a common element: at some stage in the story the killer crosses the fine line between humanity and its opposite…

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