USA True Detective Vol. 2 No. 13


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True Detective is the longest running crime magazine in the World & probably the best. Enter the dark world of crime, with True Detective.

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His aim was to be Russia’s most prolific serial killer. "I am being treated unfairly," he protested from his glass cage in court. "I am charged with only 48 killings, yet I have killed 63 times."
For true crime readers the case of Alexander Pichuskin makes fascinating reading because he gives us answers to some of our questions. What makes a man want to kill? What does the experience give him?
Murder By Bondage also provides insight into the thrill of strangulation which, according to Sven Huebner, is a "spiritual" experience. But at some point Sven’s desire to play with ropes turned into something much more sinister.
This issue of True Detective is full of interesting cases, Ask True Detective features the ‘Bloody Grissoms’ and we’ve found a photograph of Police Chief Ed Smith who was the arresting officer in the case and wanted a copy of our feature for his scrapbook.
The Message That Saved Liz’s Life is an incredible story of the courage of a young girl who was kidnapped and kept in a dug-out bunker for 10 days. Elizabeth Shoaf managed to outsmart her captor who was sentenced to 421 consecutive years in prison for his crimes.
And finally Anita Greer’s nightmare account of being tried for murdering her husband is sure to leave a lasting impression.
Enjoy the read!

Please note – Many of the cases in the American issue of True Detective have already been published in True Detective, True Crime, Master Detective & Murder Most Foul.

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