True Detective Winter Special 2008

True Detective Winter Special 2008


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•The life & grisly tastes of Armin the Cannibal •The gun-girl who wanted to be on the telly

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The life and grisly tastes of Armin the cannibal. Bernd Brandes wanted to be eaten and Armin Meiwes was only to happy to oblige. But he was just the latest in a long line of German cannibals. What is it that gives them the appetite for human flesh?

The gun-girl who wanted to be on the telly. Sarah’s dead parents were the least of her concerns. She was more worried about whether or not her trial for their murder was going to be televised.

The murder of police constable Ian Coward. He was shot nine times with bullets ploughing into his head, chest and stomach.

Milkman murdered with samurai sword. Was the murder of Ronnie Kettridge committed because his murderer had smoked cannabis, turning him into a delusional killer? Many feel that the use of cannabis fuels violence and greed.

A mind for murder. Thomas Murray believed that "the mind is where all the interesting things happen." He wasn’t a man of action; he lived a cloistered life, surrounded by books and students who respected him for his intellect. But when Murray’s wife decided to leave him for another man he stopped behaving rationally. His emotions surged to the surface and his gentle, clever façade crumbled.

Mass killer caged at last. The incredible story of Charles Sobhraj. A 30-year crime career ends as a serial killer is finally sent down for life…or does it? With "The Serpent" almost anything is possible.

Manchester’s horror on hallowe’en. She treated people with psychological problems, but Heather Stephenson-Snell was a sick, twisted egoist who planned a murder with the efficiency of a Mafia hit-man…Then, like most things in her life, the plan backfired.

Michael Sams – evil beyond belief. "Psychologists believe that this man murdered Julie Dart to draw us into a game. The game is the core aim. He has set ground rules for something he wished us to play."

From Japan: 12 victims for world’s longest-serving Death Row prisoner?

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