True Detective Summer Special 2012


Why Jill Dando’s killer may never be found

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True Detective Summer Special 2012! Packed full of thrilling tales and true cases:

* Evil granny dressed up to kill
* Why Jill Dando’s killer may never be found
* Under The Spotlight: The man who murdered for pleasure
* Questions & Answers: Was cruise ship hero a mass killer?
* Mysterious case of the boxer and the schoolgirl
* The Italian Job – American style
* The evil Cornelius O. Pierson
* “I saw Harry Powers hanged”
* “Agent Of evil”
* Why Marjorie had her husband murdered
* CSI investigator framed couple for murder
* Matron murdered in borstal chapel
* Cruel murder of a Hollywood model
* Polish sealed fate for killer after six years
* From Ireland: The jury that went to the pub
* Was menopause to blame for murder?
* A trip down Blood Alley
* Murder among a band of brothers
* Maria buried her son alive!
* and much, much more…

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