True Detective Spring Special 2020


This collection of cases from the pages of True Detective, Master Detective, True Crime and Murder Most Foul brings you a concentrated dose of the best stories from across the world, reporting many aspects of murder. It all adds up to a fascinating cocktail of true crime. Read, enjoy…and let us know what you think.

Why Pamela Blew Her Husband To Bits
An insurance policy of $2 million was the motive for a woman to get rid of her ex-husband

East London’s Most Vicious Contract Killer?
The remarkable case of John “Bruce” Childs, a man who apparently disposed of his victims without trace

Shame Of The Murdering Minister
The Amish community minister in Kentucky who was hiding a terrible secret…

Welsh Horror: Sarah’s Lover Cut Her Into 11 Pieces
One by one the body parts appeared in the flooded River Arran – an arm, entrails, a torso, a foot, the head with the eyes gouged out

Alpha Dog Killer Will Die In Jail
Mother finally sees justice for murdered son

A Soldier’s Spiral Into Madness And Murder
A gulf war veteran who killed four members of his family

“I’ll Beat The Law – Even If I Die Trying”
Henry J. Fernekes began as a teenage brothel-lookout then graduated to railroad robbery, robbing banks and finally murder

Did Adelaide Poison Her Husband With Chloroform?
You are the jury in this classic case

Fatal Affair In New Orleans
The dentist claimed he was experimenting – others guessed his real motive…

Did Amber Murder Husband Josh In 25-Storey Death Plunge?
A woman failed to convince a jury of seven men and seven women that she pushed her husband in self-defence

Derbyshire’s Sensational Bubble Car Murder Case
The long hunt to nail a triple-killer

Marine Buried Mistress In Mineshaft Explosion
A US Marine strangled his lover in a fit of anger

Mafia Cops Who Killed For The Mob
The full, incredible story of two decorated NYPD officers who worked for the Lucchese clan

The Fraudster, The Playboy Model And Two Corpses
Two unsolved Hollywood murders

Wife’s 44-Year Secret That Led To Murder
A mentally ill man’s heart was broken when he heard about his wife’s fling before they were married

Model’s Deadly Revenge On British Millionaire
A millionaire gold dealer was shot by his ex-girlfriend at his Spanish villa

The Price Of Silence
Son of a top cop on murder charge

“I’ll See You In Hell,” Vowed The Horned Man
Three men were shot and killed before their bodies were dismembered

Babes In The Wood Murderer Died In Secret
The case remained unsolved for 30 years until 2000 when Ronald Jebson, already serving a life sentence for the 1974 murder of an eight-year-old, confessed to the sexual assault and murder of two other children in Epping Forest in 1970

Catherine Murdered And Burned By Lover’s Gang
Three Polish nationals found guilty of murder


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