True Detective September 2022

True Detective September 2022


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Marise Chivarella was just nine years old in March 1964 when she was abducted, raped and murdered in Hazelton, Pennsylvania. The horrific crime devastated her family and shocked the town’s residents. Investigators hoped to solve the crime as soon as possible. But it just didn’t happen. As the days turned into weeks and the weeks turned into months then years, Marise’s murder remained unsolved – but detectives never gave up hope. In 2007, new techniques enabled police to obtain a DNA profile of the suspect. But it wasn’t until 2019 that genetic DNA technology found a match to a distant relative of the suspect. And that’s when Eric Schubert, a teenage student with a great knowledge of DNA profiling, got in touch with the police to see if he could help. Read “Amateur Sleuth Solves 58-Year-Old Murder Mystery” in this issue for the full story.

Wedding anniversaries should be happy occasions – but Lee Knight’s seventh anniversary proved horrifically life-changing. For on that night in 2005 his wife Kate accepted an eternity ring and, when he wasn’t looking, laced his wine and dinner with anti-freeze. Find out more in Crimes That Made The Headlines – “Shocking Crimes Of A Cheshire Housewife”.

Finally, don’t miss a meeting with David Schoenecker in America’s Most Evil – “54 Victims On His List”. He shot his wife dead and let investigators know that he intended to kill many, many more…

Highlights this issue include:

* Amateur Sleuth Solves 58-Year Murder Mystery

* Crimes That Made The Headlines: Shocking Crimes Of A Cheshire Housewife

* America’s Most Evil: 54 Victims On His List

* Hanged In Wales: The Little Girl On Swansea’s West Pier

* Slaying Of The Fastest Man Alive

* Four Dead In Kent Village Massacre

* Hanged In Australia: Murderer? Or Sacrificial Victim?

* Execution USA

* Questions & Answers: Hanged In Scotland – For A Murder He Didn’t Commit

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