True Detective September 2021

True Detective September 2021


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It’s 25 years since the horrific murders of Dr. Lin Russell and her daughter Megan, and the attempted murder of Lin’s other daughter Josie, near Chillenden Woods in Kent. The brutal, unprovoked killings, in July 1996, shocked Britain and demanded action. Whoever killed the pair had to be found and locked up. However, a quarter of a century later, questions remain over whether the police actually caught the right man and whether justice was served at all. Convicted Michael Stone, who went on trial twice for the murders, maintains his innocence. Read this issue’s “Crimes That Made The Headlines – If Stone Didn’t Kill Lin And Megan, Who Did?” for the full story.

Divorced mom-of-three Paige Birgfeld was a bit of a mystery. She lived in an upmarket suburb of Grand Junction, Colorado, earning cash by giving dance lessons and selling kitchen utensils. How could she afford to pay her hefty mortgage? When she suddenly vanished, leaving her kids abandoned, in June 2007, the truth about her double-life finally emerged – and a murder hunt would get under way. See “Secret Double-Life Of Mom Who Disappeared” in this issue.

Finally, make sure not to miss the final part of “Wandsworth’s Days Of Hanging”. Cases include Derek Bentley, Guenther Podola, Francis Forsyth and Hendryk Niemasz.

Highlights this issue include:

* Secret Double-Life Of Mom Who Disappeared

* Crimes That Made The Headlines: If Stone Didn’t Kill Lin And Megan, Who Did?

* America’s Most Evil: Thrill-Killer Buried Victims In His Mother’s Garden

* Hanged In Australia: “I Thought I Had Power Over Life And Death”

* “Kill My Mom And I’ll Have Sex With You”

* Sheffield’s Shop Of Horror

* Wandsworth’s Days Of Hanging, Part 12

* The Fall Of The House Of Kilfoil

* Questions & Answers: Bloodbath At The Red Gables Hotel

* Execution USA

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