True Detective September 2017

True Detective September 2017


How the Moors Murderers Enjoyed Killing, was prompted by a recent event


Two cases from our Crimes That Made The Headlines series feature this month. The first, How the Moors Murderers Enjoyed Killing, was prompted by a recent event – the unmourned death of the notorious, sadistic child-killer Ian Brady; the second, Was Nurse Ken An Insulin Killer?, by its historical significance. Both cases caused a sensation at the time. Whilst the heinous crimes of the Moors Murderers, twisted lovers Brady and Myra Hindley, have continued to haunt the British popular psyche over the course of the intervening half-century, the case of Kenneth Barlow has been largely forgotten. It was, nevertheless, hugely significant, and like the case of the deadly duo, well worth reminding ourselves of.

Barlow spent more than a quarter of a century in jail having been convicted in 1957 of murdering his second wife Elizabeth with the “wonder drug” insulin. He always protested his innocence, a stance which kept him behind bars for longer than most killers. Was he guilty or innocent?

Sir Harry Oakes was a wealthy British-Canadian businessman and philanthropist whose unsolved 1943 murder in the Bahamas continues to intrigue. Was there a cover-up? A fellow-businessman; his own son-in-law; and unknown Mafia hit-men have all come under suspicion in the case in which the former King Edward VIII – then the governor general of the Bahamas – played a highly questionable role. In Questions & Answers, Death In Paradise – The Bahamas Mystery,  we go searching for the answers.

Enjoy the read – and let us know what you think!

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