True Detective September 2016

True Detective September 2016


When 15-year-old day-school pupil Amelia “Millie” Jeffs  vanished after leaving her West Ham home on a Friday night


When 15-year-old day-school pupil Amelia “Millie” Jeffs  vanished after leaving her West Ham home on a Friday night in January 1890, foul play was immediately suspected. Two weeks later, her decomposing body was found hidden in a built-in cupboard at an unoccupied house near West Ham Park. She had been raped and strangled. Her disappearance and those of several other children and young adults in the West Ham of the 1880s and 1890s now pose the question, was a serial killer prowling this east London borough? In The Unknown Serial Killer of West Ham, Jan Bondeson considers the evidence. Don’t miss it.

Sex scandals involving politicians are nothing new – and today, as in the 19th century, any leader consorting with sex workers is likely to be risking their reputation. In The Memorable Trials Of Norman Birkett – The Prime Minister And The Prostitutes, the barrister comes to the defence of late Liberal premier William Gladstone, a would-be reformer of street-walkers. Birkett became best-known for his role in murder trials but this absorbing civil case makes for essential reading.

In Commonwealth of Killing – Essex Man Hanged In Kenya, we recount an extraordinary tale from late-50s Nairobi: how the son of a Military Cross war hero became the first white man to be executed for killing an African native.
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