True Detective September 2014

True Detective September 2014


When Kent couple Lee and Anne-Marie Birch converted a hair salon in Westgate-on-Sea…

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When Kent couple Lee and Anne-Marie Birch converted a hair salon in Westgate-on-Sea into a micro pub, they were hopeful that the venture would transform their fortunes. But like so many new businesses, it struggled to establish itself and provide the couple with sufficient income to make a living. The failure of the Birches’ pub business can’t have helped what was a rocky marriage. But the lingering thought remains that, had the enterprise succeeded, perhaps things would have been different. The glass might just have appeared half full instead of half empty. This quickly turned to tragedy…

This month’s Under The Spotlight takes a look inside the Chicago home of serial-killer John Wayne Gacy. It was certainly not a place for a young man to find himself in the 1970s. Gacy may have appeared like an average suburbanite, but the floor of his house held many dark secrets…

Belarus has the unique distinction of being the only country in Europe to retain the death penalty for aggravated acts of murder. And for double-killer Pavel Selyun, that meant swift retribution from the state. Read the extraordinary story of the slaying of his would-be Black Metal star wife and her lover in Pavel The Beheader Is Executed…

Our investigation into killings in Ireland continues with part three of Ireland’s Road Map To Murder, when we look at some fascinating cases from County Carlow and County Wexford. Don’t miss it.

If you think gang culture is a new phenomenon in Britain, think again. Gangs were prevalent right across the nation in the inter-war years and nowhere more so than in the Yorkshire city of Sheffield, where ruthless mobs of men shattered the peace. In Brothers Hanged For Sheffield Gang Killing, we tell how the violence descended into murder in a tale that illustrates just why the city was dubbed “Britain’s Little Chicago.”

* TD’s Crime Photos/Prize Competition
* British Girl And Boyfriend Shoot Dead Florida Cop
* Ex-Publican Killed His Wife Then Went For A Pint
* Your Letters
* Under The Spotlight Grisly Discoveries At John Wayne Gacy’s House
* Partners In Crime – And Death – Part 7: The Grim Secrets Of Edgware’s Clay Lane
* Pavel The Beheade Is Executed
* Ireland’s Road Map To Murder, Part 3
* Crimes That Made The Headlines – Part 23: Brothers Hanged For Sheffield Gang Killing
* Questions & Answers: How Charles Ponzi Fooled The World
* Daughter Eva’s Terrible Secret
* Execution USA
* Ada Was Hanged With Her Lover
* Make A Break: Crossword
* America’s Most Evil The Fiend Of Inglewood

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