True Detective September 2010

True Detective September 2010


Neighbours in Hamilton Avenue in Cobham, Surrey, hadn’t seen or heard anything of South African-born

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Neighbours in Hamilton Avenue in Cobham, Surrey, hadn’t seen or heard anything of South African-born Melanie Wallner for three years – until June 2009, that is, when a horrified landlord went round to clean up his semi-detached home and found a human foot protruding from the rubbish in a wheelie bin. A post-mortem disclosed that Melanie’s body had been in the bin for at least three weeks because binmen only make kerbside collections – “they won’t come down the path; you have to put it out on the pavement.” But finding Melanie’s body was only part of the horror, for her killer had stored her corpse in a chest freezer for nearly three years prior to disposing of it. See over the page for our in-depth account of this modern shocker.

An interviewing journalist once asked English hangman William Marwood why he didn’t use chloroform on “bothersome” clients to make his task easier. Marwood’s reply was sharp and to the point: “No, no, that would never do. It’s too much like poisoning. No chloroform! No, sir! It’s the rope I believe in; let a man meet his fate like a man. There’s nothing frightens them so much as the rope. We mustn’t have no poison brought into the business.” Marwood was actually refering to Ireland’s last triple-execution, a case that became known as the Maamtrasna Massacre after the picturesque hamlet at the base of the Connemara mountains in County Galway.

The man tucked into a steak, medium-rare, a baked potato with sour cream and bacon bits; tossed salad with blue cheese dressing; Lima beans; and for dessert, mint chocolate chip ice cream. If you think that’s a meal to die for you’d be right. It was – Gerald Stano’s last meal before his execution in Florida’s electric chair on March 23rd, 1998. For Gerald Stano was one of America’s most evil killers.

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