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Before murdering a 15-year-old schoolgirl, convicted rapist David Evans argued with his conscience. Then, cold bloodedly, he decided to give in to his base hate. The first story is as much about the callous disregard the authorities have for the safety of the public as it is about a known psychopath’s evil whim. For plenty of innocent people have died at the hands of dangerous criminals who receive neither psychiatric treatment nor any special category of incarceration. It is a chilling lesson the law chooses over and over again to ignore, and youngster like Anna Humphries pay for it – with their lives.

Vigilante Justice For A Treacherous Killer captures the flavour of Wyoming at the turn of the century remarkably well, but then it was written a long time ago. The photographs are particularly remarkable in that they are the only remaining records of the actual characters who lived, loved and killed at the "Ten Sleep," and are still in existence. A horrifying story of brother against brother, an an account of a lynch mob invading the jailhouse, this story is a treat for all aficionados of the Wild West.

Brother against brother is also the theme of our slightly more modern story from Ireland: Bloodshed At Ballincloghan. This is a classic case which made the population of Ireland reel with horror at the barbarity and coolness of the killer. The law as as swift as it could be in ensuring that the villain did not long enjoy the fruits of his unholy labours. There were very few who grieved long at Bernard Kirwan’s passing.

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