True Detective October 2021


He’s the infamous US serial killer who led a shocking and deadly double-life. A one-time high school sports-star, married father of three and computer operator, twisted Richard Cottingham also happened to be a rape-obsessed mutilation killer. Behind bars since 1980, Cottingham and his story continued to fascinate and appal in equal measure. Now, however, there are new developments, with the 74-year-old having confessed to further killings committed nearly half a century earlier. For a full, updated account of Cottingham’s horrific, deadly deeds see “America’s Most Evil: Torso Killer – New Revelations From The New Jersey Ripper.” this issue

The decision this year by the Parole Board to release British rape-killer Colin Pitchfork has proved hugely controversial. Pitchfork, the first killer to be convicted of murder on the basis of DNA evidence, killed two Leicestershire schoolgirls in the 80s and has been behind bars since 1988. See “Crimes That Made The Headlines – Pitchfork: It Took A Forensic Revolution To Catch Him…Can it Be Right To Release Him?” for the full story.

Finally, don’t miss the first instalment of our brilliant new series, “Hanged In Wales”. It gets off to an atmospheric start with a tale of extortion and violence at the races: :Two Cardiff Gangsters Sent To The Gallows”…

Highlights this issue include:

* He Couldn’t Resist Another Murder

* Crimes That Made The Headlines: Pitchfork – It Took A Forensic Revolution To Catch Him…

* Questions & Answers: They Called Him “The Florida Vampire Rapist”

* America’s Most Evil: “Torso Killer” – New Revelations From The New Jersey Ripper

* Under The Spotlight: Rough Justice

* New Series – Hanged In Wales: Two Cardiff Gangsters Sent To The Gallows

* Hanged In Australia: Murder For A Motor-Car

* Execution USA

* His Bride’s Murder Paid For Round-The-World Tour

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