True Detective October 2018

True Detective October 2018


Available in the shops September 5th, 2018


Killers and rapists John Duffy and David Mulcahy met at school, as so many long-standing friends do. In the photo-booth picture, the despicable pair look just like any other teenagers having a laugh in the era of shoulder-length hair and bell-bottomed trousers. But these two were different: both had a cruel streak and a mutual obsession with violence. Who could possibly have guessed then, though, the horror of the offences Duffy and Mulcahy would go on to commit and the dark secrets they shared? As youths, they were convicted of assault. In the 1980s their criminal activities reached new and depraved heights when they became rapists and turned to murder, setting out on their evil outings to a soundtrack of Michael Jackson’s hit song “Thriller.” Turn to Crimes That Made The Headlines – Railway Killers’ Reign Of Terror, for the full story.

This month’s Questions & Answers: Sentenced To Death…Why An Irish Jury Went To The Pub, takes us back to the Belfast of the late 40s and a hugely controversial case in which the norms of jury segregation were ignored – with understandably significant repercussions. Don’t miss it.

Many of us have entered a lottery in the hope of winning millions and changing our lives for the better. In the US, ex-con Ronnie Music Jr. couldn’t believe his luck when his numbers came up on the Georgia state lottery. He scooped the jackpot of $3 million, but a dream home, flashy cars and luxury holidays were the last things on his mind.

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