True Detective October 2014


American serial-killer Tommy Lynn Sells claimed to have killed countless men, women and children

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True Detective October: We report on some startling, thought-provoking, tragic and horrific cases from Britain and the United States.

In Birmingham’s evil child-killers, we report on the case of two-year-old Keanu Williams, who died as a result of prolonged torture at the hands of his mother Rebecca Shuttleworth. She, it seems, resented his very presence in her life. Wesley Williams, her former partner, then became a child-killer too when he strangled his girlfriend Yvonne Walsh and her baby son Harrison after his marriage proposal was rejected…

In Katie’s passengers were dead children, we look at the perplexing and disturbing case of Katie Stockton from Illinois, a mother who killed three new-born babies, and who for years got away with murder…

American serial-killer Tommy Lynn Sells claimed to have killed countless men, women and children in his infamous two-decade killing spree – see “I think I’ll kill someone today.” But of all the victims of this proudly heartless murderer, the subject of this month’s America’s Most Evil, the slaying of new-born baby Dardeen must, surely, rank as the most depraved…

When teenage girls vow that they are “Best Friends Forever,” the future would appear to be bright and full of possibility. But for the trio of Shelia Eddy, Rachel Shoaf and Skylar Neese from West Virginia, it was not. The declaration proved to be false – and soon Skylar was surplus to requirements. An unimaginably brutal plan was executed with ruthless efficiency by the most unlikely killers
and there is still more to discover inside the new issue…

* Birmingham’s evil child-killers
* Katie’s passengers were dead children
* Questions & Answers 1: Who was Tom Dooley?
* Crimes That Made The Headlines – Part 24: Husband killed with a poisoned curry
* The heiress in the freezer
* Execution USA
* Under The Spotlight: H.H. Holmes’s chamber of horrors in Chicago
* Partners In Crime – And Death: Part 8: The hanging of Brown and Cowdrey
* America’s Most Evil: “I think I’ll kill someone today”
* Ireland’s Road Map To Murder – Part 4
* Why Shelia and Rachel killed Skylar
* PLUS Your Letters / TD’s Crime Photos / Prize competition / Make A Break: Crossword and much more

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