True Detective October 2013

True Detective October 2013


The abduction of little April Jones early in October 2012 quickly became national and international news

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The abduction of little April Jones early in October 2012 quickly became national and international news. Within two days of her disappearance Prime Minister David Cameron had made a personal appeal for anyone with information to come forward, saying that what had happened was “every family’s nightmare.” The Welsh First Minister also joined the appeal. But by October 5th the police confirmed that the UK’s biggest missing person search had become a murder inquiry. All this, of course, is now history but three issues arising from April Jones’s murder have yet to be resolved. First, the case showed how easily violent and pornographic images of children can be accessed on the internet. Second, there is no doubt that viewing these images shortly before April’s abduction fuelled Bridger’s sexual appetite. And lastly, will this psycho ever tell what he did to April? See over the page for this heartrending case.

To TV audiences she is known as Molly Cooper, heroine of Murder On The Home Front and assistant to Dr. Collins. But to readers of true crime she has another name: Molly Lefebure, secretary and girl Friday to famous pathologist Dr. Keith Simpson. He was the man who solved some of the 20th century’s most baffling murders – and helped convict many of Britain’s most notorious killers. At his side was all-seeing and all-hearing Molly Lefebure. It is part one of a new series.

On the opening day of his trial for murder, relatives of a young Irishman posed for photos with him in the dock, using their mobile phones to record the auspicious occasion. This bizarre scene was played out at the Central Criminal Court in Tralee following the discovery of a man’s battered, stabbed body floating in a bog in Listowel, County Kerry, in March 2012. This modern Irish murder shocker is on page 21.
The lawyer at the defence table slumped forward and laid his head on his arms when the verdict was read. “I just don’t understand it,” he groaned. “She’s innocent and we worked damn hard to prove it.” But was he right?

This month Fleet Street photographer Edward J. “Dixie” Dean concludes his series My Life Among The Murderers by taking us back to the bunker deep under the Berlin Chancellery where Hitler made his last diehard stand. It was here, you may recall, that Hitler chose to take his own life, just one jump ahead of the advancing Russians…

The visiting council dignitaries were all on board the nuclear sub docked at Southampton. They were having a look around at the very moment a member of the sub’s crew came on duty. But the heavily-armed sailor was in no condition to be put in charge of powerful weapon. As well as consuming much alcohol there was murder seething in his heart.

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