True Detective October 1990


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This month tells of two mistresses who fared badly at the hands of their lovers: the first a relatively modern London killing, the second a gruesome story just like a tragic drama in all its complex workings – deception, betrayal, a very forseeable murder – and a method of disposal which will make your flesh creep. Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive!

From Ireland, we have an old classic, ‘A Killing At Sanctuary’, in which an elderly lady is sentenced to death for murder. You will gasp with shock at her reaction on hearing she was to be reprieved.

If it wasn’t a true murder story, you would probably laugh at John Dunning’s bizarre story. ‘Lethal Lovers Faked A Kinky Clue’. The ingenious lengths people will go to in order to evade justice! In the end, however, the potency of the faked alibi wore off and justice was done. Did the loving couple live happily ever after? No, they went to prison.

Bringing us up to date, we take a look inside a modern British prison. Shudder at the degradation men have to spend years suffering for crimes that took minutes, and imagine what cumulative effect it has on them by the time they have paid their debt to society and are ready to be let loose on it again. It’s a warning that successive governments have chosen to ignore – and one which will be ignored again and again. Who will act? Only men of proven dangerous tendencies, who come out of prison and do not forgive!

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