True Detective November 2022

True Detective November 2022


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Ross Hunt was regarded as a first-class officer by all those who knew him at Hamilton Police Office in South Lanarkshire, Scotland, where he served as a detective sergeant. His career had been long and successful – so much so, that when the opportunity came along after his 29 years’ service to retire, he chose to work for one more year. Tragically, he would never live to see out that final year of service. For on the night of June 4th, 1983, his life came to a sudden, brutal end in Larkhall at the hands of a notorious family. Read “Crimes That Made The Headlines – Strathclyde Cop Slain By Family Of Killers” for the full story.

“America’s Most Evil – Harv The Hammer” is a fascinating account of the life and crimes of misogynist, psychopathic serial killer Harvey Carignan. Carignan remains behind bars, but even at the age of 95 prison authorities are wisely wary of him. By his own admission, “I’m not dangerous now, but I won’t say I wouldn’t be tomorrow.”

Also in this issue we go back to late-1960s Massachusetts, USA, for a meeting with “The Cape Cod Cannibal”. Adored by tourists and long an attractive base for artists and writers, Cape Cod was sent into collective horror by the appalling crimes of Antone “Tony” Costa. For writer Kurt Vonnegut’s daughter Edith – a friend who narrowly escaped falling victim to the bespectacled hippy – it was hard to believe he was a killer.

Highlights this issue include:

* From Tree Surgeon…To Serial Killer
* Crimes That Made The Headlines: Strathclyde Cop Slain By Family Of Killers
* The Cape Cod Cannibal
* Hanged In Australia: Terrible Crime Of A Desperate Father
* “I Had To Sleep With My Husband’s Slayer”
* Death In Dublin’s “Small Profit Shop”
* Hanged In Wales: Who Put Elsie’s Body On Welsh Mountainside?
* America’s Most Evil: Harv The Hammer
* Questions & Answers: So Who Did Murder Paperboy Carl?
* Execution USA

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