True Detective November 2021


She was a kind-hearted All-American girl with a passion for running and helping others. Mollie Tibbetts, a top-grade student at the University of Iowa, seemed to have a bright future ahead of her. But when she disappeared one night after setting out for a jog in her home town of Brooklyn in the summer of 2018, all who knew her feared the worst. Weeks would pass before the mystery was solved. And, when the suspect was charged with her murder, his status as an “Illegal immigrant” would be seized upon by politicians intent on making political capital out of the young woman’s tragic demise. Read “How Mollie’s Death Became A Political Football” in this issue for the full story.

Drug-related crime, and murders specifically, are something we hear reported all too often in the news media. You could almost believe that such killings have been going on forever. But they haven’t. “When The Drug Wars Began” recounts the case of the very first murder of one drug dealer by another in Britain. When Gambian immigrant Joseph Aaku was found stabbed to death in his London lodgings, his work colleagues at Euston station were shocked. Investigators soon discovered, however, that he had other business interests – and these had led to his violent death…

Finally, don’t miss this month’s “Questions & Answers – The Body In The Well” – a curious case that has continued to intrigue for nearly a century.

Highlights this issue include:

* How Mollie’s Murder Became A Political Football

* Crimes That Made The Headlines: Sadistic Rape-Killer Back Behind Bars

* America’s Most Evil: On The Trail Of A Serial Killer And His Dog

* Florida’s “Die, You Bitch” Slaying

* Hanged In Wales: Time Off Work For Sex…But A Killer Came Too

* Hanged In Australia: Who Hammered The Children To Death?

* When The Drug Wars Began

* Secret Sex Life Of A Sadist

* Questions & Answers: The Body In The Well

* Execution USA

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