True Detective November 2014

True Detective November 2014


It’s not often that True Detective makes a court appearance itself…

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It’s not often that True Detective, filled as it is with real-life stories of murder, actually makes a court appearance itself. But you can read about the time TD was found in a murder suspect’s flat – and produced as evidence in a murder trial at the Old Bailey – in one of our Questions and Answers features this issue.

Speaking of trials, it was on the first day of the trial of Moors Murderers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley that an apparently unrelated killing took place in Salford. What was the strange connection between the two cases? Find out in this month’s Crimes That Made The Headlines.

It was a worried relative who raised the alarm, asking police to check on the well-being of Henry Stangroom, a 21-year-old chef. He worked at the Criterion Restaurant in London’s Piccadilly Circus, and at the flat he shared in Battersea officers found him lying on his bed in a pool of blood. He had been stabbed to death with a kitchen knife, and his flatmate was found sitting on the bathroom floor, his wrists slashed and with a harpoon dart protruding from his chin…Learn how this bizarre case unfolded.

Death comes in the home for the victims in two of our cases this issue. It arrives on the doorstep, bizarrely masked for trick or treat. And it invades the home, shooting a loving mother dead in her bed before setting light to the whole house.

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* Under The Spotlight: The Disturbing Portfolio of Harvey Glatman – “The Lonely Hearts Killer”
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* Partners In Crime – And Death – Part 9: Three Men On The Gallows
* Questions & Answers 1: Murder On Hallowe’en
* Make A Break: Crossword
* Questions & Answers 2: When True Detective Appeared At The Old Bailey
* Why This Policeman Murdered His Wife

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