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True Detective receives many letters but few more interesting than the one that recalls the case

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True Detective receives many letters but few more interesting than the one that recalls the case that happened years ago in South Shields, a reader recalled, her father was one of the men who discovered a woman’s torso in a storage tank. Perhaps we could look into the case, the correspondent suggested. We did and can report an extraordinary story that unearths a shocking miscarriage of justice.

London was shrouded by one of those thick, swirling fogs so vividly described in Sherlock Holmes stories. Pea-soupers were still commonplace in 1943, and it was in such a fog that Molly Lefebure and her boss, Home Office pathologist Dr. Keith Simpson, set out for a Luton crime scene that would have intrigued even Conan Doyle’s detective.

Patrick Drum may not have the presence of a Charles Bronson or the charm of his TV hero Dexter. But in the delivery of so-called vigilante justice, he was just as deadly and effective as his screen idols. To his supporters he became a cult hero on a one-man mission to clean up the streets and keep kids safe. But to his victims’ families and law enforcement, he was nothing more than a crazed, cold-blooded killer. What’s your verdict, hero or villain?

David Fairchild stared at the framed photo of his daughter Stacy – and wept. It had stood on his mantelpiece for 20 years, but now he took it down, and wrapped it carefully in a padded envelope. “Come on, darling,” said his wife, choking back her own tears. “Maybe today will bring us a kind of peace.” They arrived hand in hand at the court, David clutching the treasured picture close.

His tread was heavy as he climbed the steps to the witness-box, and looked straight at the man who’d murdered Stacy all those years ago. “This was our daughter,” he said simply, holding up the photo. “She’d be thirty-seven now.”

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