True Detective November 2012


It’s 50 years this month since the last executions for murders committed in Manchester

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November 2012. It’s 50 years this month since the last executions for murders committed in Manchester and Birmingham – and we have the full stories for you, along with some previously unseen photos, in this issue.

We’ve an important new series starting this month – Crimes That Made The Headlines. Over the coming months you’ll be able to read in-depth reports on cases from Britain and elsewhere that the news media really got their teeth into at the time – but which may have faded from the nation’s collective consciousness since then. We aim to bring them back into sharp focus for you. Case in point is this issue’s definitive report on the notorious poisoner Graham Young. You may think you’ve read his whole story before – but take a look at the detailed account we’ve prepared this time…and then write or email Your Letters and let us know what you think. We’d also welcome your suggestions for future entries in this series.

There’s always heightened interest when a celebrity’s name is linked with a murder case. Sadly, Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Hudson has discovered that fact for herself in the wake of the horrific slaughter of three members of her immediate family. Andrew Stephenson’s report puts you right at the heart of the case – and has a remarkable conclusion as Jennifer tells Oprah Winfrey how she has been able to forgive the man who killed some of those nearest and dearest to her.

* TD’s Crime Photos/Prize Competition
* “I Had To Meet My Daughter’s Killer”
* Dr. Who Actor Murdered By Love Rival
* The Poppy Day Massacre
* Execution USA
* Under The Spotlight: Scotland Yard’s Detective Superstar
* New Series – Crimes That Made The Headlines: More Victims For The Schoolboy Poisoner
* Why He Slaughtered Oscar-Winning Jennifer’s Family
* Last Executions In Ireland Part 11: Hanged By An Informer’s Tongue
* Questions & Answers: Gungirl Helen’s Last Shootout
* Two Shop Murders Make History
* Readers’ Jury

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