True Detective November 2010


When 41-year-old taxi driver Stuart Ludlam arrived at Cromford station

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When 41-year-old taxi driver Stuart Ludlam arrived at Cromford station, two miles from Matlock, Derbyshire, on September 17th, 2009, he had no idea he was being set up – set up to be murdered by gun fanatic Colin Cheetham. Indeed, Cheetham, 61, was merely setting in motion a
meticulous plan to kill a total stranger when he lured Mr.
Ludlam to the deserted station where he was executed in cold blood.

On Friday nights Ronald Evans usually drove his wife and mother-in-law to bingo, and if he changed that routine they would want to know why. That was the situation on the night of November 22nd, 1963. But that night Ronald had a major problem – how to get rid of the body in the car boot. The events that led up to that terrible situation began the night before when 21-year-old sales assistant Kathleen Heathcote left her home in Mansfield to travel the six miles to Selston…

The back of her skull had been smashed, bones in her face broken, and her thighs bore the bloody finger marks of her rapist. There was no doubt Mrs. Kate Conneelly, 65, had been beaten to death, but the evidence against the man charged with her murder was less than clear-cut. Circumstantial or not, there was enough of it to earn the accused a death sentence following a lengthy trial in County Galway, and the gallows were prepared in Dublin’s Mountjoy Prison. So why didn’t he hang?

* TD’s Crime Photos / Prize Competition
* Questions & Answers: Bingo Night – With A Body In The Boot
* Gun Fanatic Kills For Kicks
* Jerry’s 20-Year Nightmare
* Crossword
* Your Letters / More of your views
* Under The Spotlight: Death Of A President
* Classic Irish Murder Cases Part 15: Why Didn’t They Hang James Kelly?
* The World’s Worst Killers
* America’s Most Evil: Inside Jeffrey’s Kitchen Mortuary
* Death In The Line Of Duty Part 8
* Part 4 – Danger Women: Why Ethel Was Executed
* Readers’ Jury
* Execution USA

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