True Detective May 2020


When former Miss Wyoming World Joyce McKinney, 28, met clean-living, upstanding Kirk Anderson – an Elder of the Melchizedek Priesthood of the Mormon Church – it was love at first sight. Love blossomed, but for Kirk, 21, life was destined for a different path. Sent to visit England as a missionary, he didn’t tell Joyce – but escaping this “blonde bombshell” was never going to be easy. Read this issue’s “Crimes That Made The Headlines – Joyce and The Manacled Mormon” for the full story.

Fortune had never smiled much on arthritic grandfather James Byrd Jr. Living on disability payments, Byrd couldn’t afford a car or even drive one anyway because he was epileptic. He hitched a lift when he left his niece’s party one Saturday night in June 1998 rather than walk back to his home in Jasper, East Texas. Three white men pulled up in a Ford truck and he climbed into the back… What happened next was one of the most notorious and gruesome hate crimes in US history. Now, ring-leader John William King has been executed for his part in the appalling crime. Read “America’s Most Evil – End Of The Road For Racist Slayer” for the full story.

Finally, don’t miss this month’s “Under The Spotlight – The Cato Street Conspiracy”, featuring Britain’s final beheadings for treason.

Highlights this issue include:

* “52 Kilos Of Pure Evil”

 * Crimes That Made The Headlines: Joyce And The Manacled Mormon

 * America’s Most Evil: End Of The Road For Racist Slayer

 * The Wandsworth Dog-Track Murder

 * Execution USA

* Under The Spotlight: The Cato Street Conspiracy

 * Hanged In Australia: Hanged At 17 – Brisbane’s Shocking Axe-Killer

* Why Jeannie Pulled The Trigger

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