True Detective May 2019

True Detective May 2019


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Angus Sinclair’s death in March left few mourning his passing. Some would say he’s cheated justice, too…

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Angus Sinclair, the Scottish serial killer and sex offender had been locked up since the early 80s for a catalogue of heinous offences, including, since 2014, the notorious World’s End pub murders of 1977. No woman or child, it seemed, was safe around Sinclair. But his death, at 73, came without any confession – one that perhaps would have shed light on several other murders he’s now suspected of having committed – and has denied police and the Scottish authorities any further chance of obtaining answers.

US serial killer and necrophile Bernard Giles brought misery to Florida in the 1970s when he murdered at least five girls and women. His case recently came to greater prominence when he met Piers Morgan for ITV’s Confessions Of A Serial Killer. Our feature, “Murdering Young Women Was My Life’s Passion,” includes a full account of the case, and a resume of Morgan’s encounter. Should the broadcaster have probed further into the remorseless killer’s criminal career in a bid to elicit further admissions?

Legendary Scotland Yard investigator Robert Fabian was once Britain’s most famous detective. But he had a mighty challenge on his hands to crack a curious war-time murder. Read Had Fabian Found The Killer? Warwickshire’s Ghastly Witchcraft Murder, to discover why.

Stories Include:

Killing His Wife Was Part Of His Retirement Plan

Crimes That Made The Headlines
How Many Victims For The “World’s End” Monster?

Your Letters – More of your views

First Blood At Mountjoy – How The Hangings Began

America’s Most Evil
“Murdering Young Women Was My Life’s Passion”

Hanged At Liverpool – Part 5

Hanged In Australia
The Boy New South Wales Was Determined To Hang

Horror In The Playground

Questions & Answers
Mistress Boiled Up Like Bacon and Had Fabian Found The Killer?

Execution USA

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