True Detective May 2015

True Detective May 2015


When Gary Mark Gilmore was executed by firing squad in the US state of Utah on a grim day nearly four decades ago,


When Gary Mark Gilmore was executed by firing squad in the US state of Utah on a grim day nearly four decades ago, it made headlines across the globe. It was 1977, and the double-killer had just become the first person to be executed in the United States for 10 years. Since Gilmore’s execution on January 17th, 1977, a further 1,399 had taken place over the preceding years as of January 2015, to bring us to the landmark total of 1,400.
In this month’s Execution USA, we list all those US executions – and it makes for fascinating reading. Few executions since Gilmore’s have made the same impact internationally – he had after all, notoriously fought for own his death sentence to be carried out. Many high-profile killers have though been consigned to history via the death chamber since Gilmore’s demise, and the lethal injection method and several recent drawn-out executions have sparked huge controversy and further debate about the morality – and method – of the punishment. Our thanks to columnist Martin Chaffe for his excellent work in compiling this definitive list. Execution USA returns in its normal format next month.

Staying in the US, we give timely consideration in America’s Most Evil to the horrific case of the then teenage killer and former Death Row prisoner Janice Buttrum (left) in When 17-Year-Old Janice Was Sentenced To Death. This was an appalling killing carried out by what was a child and her sexually sadistic husband. Let us know whether you think the sentence was merited – and whether it should have been carried out.

On this side of “the pond” we look at the shocking case of Paul Beecham in Crimes That Made The Headlines, Mass Killer Buried Lover Under The Patio. In earlier times he too might very well have been executed. But he lived, only to kill again…

Enjoy the read – and let us know what you think!

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