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Social networking is now a phenomenon that engrosses many of us…

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Social networking is now a phenomenon that engrosses many of us. But one of the downsides to it is the ugly, cowardly cyber-bullying. In the UK the Malicious Communications Act (1998) made cyber-stalking, including harassment, a criminal offence, but the relationship between this and cyber-bullying remains a grey area. “Experts in child protection and internet safety have called for social networks to be regulated by law,” The Times reported in February 2014. It followed the newspaper’s investigation which revealed the implications of cyber-bullying in a disturbing number of teenage suicides. But cyber-bullying is not just a home-grown problem. The situation is much the same on the other side of the Atlantic. Yet the pertinent question surely is: if cyber-bullying leads directly to suicide, should we make it a form of murder, or at least manslaughter? Read our compelling story on and tell us what you think.

Many people described the case as a plot ripped from the pages of a pulp crime novel. But this was no love triangle gone bad. For although attractive Morgan Mengel thought she was so sexy she could get men to do anything – even commit murder – she was terribly misguided. For Morgan was no criminal mastermind and all her boasting led to a killing that detectives described as “a macabre cartoon” about how to get caught.

The rape and murder of an octogenarian spinster in her little cottage in Carriglineen, County Wicklow, Ireland, shocked the whole close-knit community. But was the nomadic farm labourer actually her killer?

Ninety years ago this month the first issue of True Detective Mysteries – soon shortened to True Detective – was published in America. It was the first of many true crime magazines and was published continuously until 1995. The British edition – of which you’re holding the latest issue – started in 1950 and is still going strong. Here’s to the next 90!

* TD’s Crime Photos/Prize Competition
* Why Morgan Had Her Husband Murdered
* Justice In The Blink Of An Eye
* Crimes That Made The Headlines Part 19: When Justice Caught Up With The Babes-In-The-Wood Killer
* Under The Spotlight: The Assassination Of President Abraham Lincoln
* Your Letters
* The Horror Of Cyber- Bullying
* When They Hanged The Irish Teenager
* Questions & Answers: Charley Ross – A Mystery Forever?
* Execution USA
* “Seven Reasons Why My Husband Shouldn’t Be Hanged”
* America’s Most Evil: “If I’m Hanged My Head Will Be Torn Off!”
* Make A Break: Crossword
* The Rise And Fall Of A Skateboard Star

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